the importance of following a pregnancy workout plan

The Importance of a Pregnancy Workout Plan and the Best One to Follow

Why Following a Prenatal Exercise Plan is so Important

Working out during pregnancy is so important for the health of both mother and baby. There are many benefits to following an at home pregnancy workout plan for the baby’s health as well as the mothers health and comfort. In this article we will be detailing the absolutely amazing health benefits for mother and baby that we now know prenatal exercise provides in 2022.

the importance of a prenatal workout plan

Why Would You Want to Work Out During Pregnancy?

There are so many reasons that working out during pregnancy can be beneficial. Not only to the mother, but through the study of epigenetics during pregnancy, we now know there are lifelong benefits to the baby as well.

The most obvious reason to follow a pregnancy workout plan is to help you gain the right amount of pregnancy weight. Even a fit “bump only” pregnancy takes a huge toll on your body. So you will want to aim for gaining the right amount of weight for your build and starting weight.

But another huge reason to follow a prenatal exercise plan is that working out during pregnancy (when done correctly) drastically reduces pregnancy aches and pains. Pregnancy can be uncomfortable and downright painful. By strengthening the right parts of your body during pregnancy, you can ease or eliminate many common pregnancy aches and pains.

Exercising during pregnancy can even help prepare you for an easier labor and delivery AND make postpartum recovery much easier.

But there are so many other advantages to following an at home prenatal exercise plan.


How Does Following a Pregnancy Workout Plan Benefit the Baby?

One of the most important reasons to follow a pregnancy workout plan is because it can help your baby grow into a healthier child and even into a healthier adult.

Many studies have found that following an at home prenatal exercise program increases your baby’s metabolism throughout their childhood and possibly beyond. In fact, it has been discovered that even with an obese mother or father, exercising during pregnancy would completely block the effects of the parents obesity in the offspring. “Turning on” genes for a more healthy metabolism. Point being, it is NEVER too late to start exercising to benefit your baby for their entire lives.

Additionally, at home pregnancy workouts can help to grow a healthier baby by increasing their metabolism and decreasing their propensity toward diabetes and heart disease.

With this early intervention, you are helping prevent serious health concerns in your baby decades down the road.

If that isn’t enough to inspire following 40 week workout plan, I don’t know what is!

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How to Start a Pregnancy Workout Plan

First and foremost you need to learn how to exercise safely during pregnancy. There are a lot of things that will need to change about how you work out depending on your starting level of fitness when you get pregnant, and how far along you are in your pregnancy. For instance, you will also need to know how to exercise safely in the third trimester. Because that is a whole different ball game!

What is the Best Pregnancy Workout Plan?

There are many pregnancy workout plans to chose from, but the best one comes in conjunction with the most revolutionary prenatal nutrition plan on the market.

As previously mentioned, we now know through the study of epigenetics during pregnancy that your lifestyle during pregnancy matters far more to growing a healthy child than we ever knew before.

We’ve known for decades that things like smoking and drinking alcohol during pregnancy can be harmful to the fetus. But we now know that what you eat, the specific nutrients you take in, and your activity levels all directly effect which genes are expressed in your baby.

Essentially turning on “good genes” and turning off “bad genes.”

The Perfect Pregnancy Plan is a 40 week workout (and diet if you want both) plan that walks you through how to eat and exercise to grow the healthiest baby possible.

Dramatically lowering their chances of having:

  • a metabolic disorder
  • heart disease
  • diabetes
  • autism
  • ADHD
  • and so much more.

Just by knowing how to eat and exercise throughout your pregnancy!

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What Makes the Perfect Pregnancy Workout Plan so Good?

The Perfect Pregnancy Fitness Plan is not nearly just aimed at gaining the right amount of pregnancy weight and having a “bump only” pregnancy. Sure those things are nice. They make it a lot more comfortable to grow a human and give you a lot more stamina throughout pregnancy and labor as well.

But what sets this plan apart is that it is the only prenatal workout plan designed with a mother’s everchanging needs throughout pregnancy in mind. This program was crafted by a Certified Fitness Trainer specializing in Lifestyle During Pregnancy (who happened to be pregnant herself when designing most of the program).

Each pregnancy ache and pain will be addressed PRIOR to you suffering pain from it. For example, you will begin strengthening your back in the workout plan before your belly weight is causing it to sway. You will be strengthening your core and pelvic floor in safe and progressive ways throughout your entire pregnancy. This not only better supports that growing bump, but also makes labor and postpartum recovery easier.

The Perfect Pregnancy Workout Plan is the only prenatal workout plan designed in this way throughout the full 40 weeks.

Additionally, you will learn about the benefits and studies showing the huge health benefits to your baby from keeping up with a pregnancy workout plan. Inspiring you to keep going knowing with confidence, that you are not only doing the best thing for yourself, but for your baby to benefit them throughout their entire lives.

Wrapping Up the Importance of a Pregnancy Workout Plan

A pregnancy workout plan, like the one we offer at The Perfect Pregnancy Plan is designed to meet your changing needs throughout each trimester of pregnancy. It also offers many benefits for both mother and baby that you may not have even known about!

With our 40 week exercise program, you will not only learn how to grow a healthy child by eating right and exercising during your pregnancy but also have less aches and pains as well as an easier labor due to strengthening exercises in early stages of your pregnancy.

Which fact was the most intriguing for you to learn about the benefits of prenatal exercise today? Let us know below!


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