the best crystals for pregnancy and fertility

Crystals for Pregnancy

The Best Crystals and Gemstones for Pregnancy

Gemstones have been used for thousands of years for their healing properties. Learn which crystals to use for pregnancy for health and protection.

The art of using crystals for their healing powers is common in some parts of the world, but only recently is gaining popularity in America.

In this article we will cover all the crystals known to promote a healthy pregnancy, offer protection of the mother and baby, and more. Every crystal that will enhance your prenatal journey can be found here.

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the best crystals for pregnancy and fertility

What are Healing Crystals and Gemstones?

There are records that crystals have been used in many cultures throughout the world as far as 6000 years ago for their healing and almost medicinal properties. (source)

There is record of Buddhists, Mesopotamians, Hindus, and Egyptians using crystals for many healing for thousands of years! That includes utilizing gemstones for a healthy pregnancy.

Some midwives still regularly include gemstones in their labor and delivery practices. In fact, there is one stone known as the midwives’ stone! It’s said that many midwives won’t birth a baby without that stone in the room.


This article is specifically about the crystals that are known to be beneficial during your gestation. There are different gemstones that aid in labor and delivery. By easing contractions, minimizing chances of hemorrhage, and more.

Overall it is known that we are made of high vibrational energy. Crystals are also made of high vibrational energy. It is believed that when brought together, vibrational healing can take place.

Different stones with different vibrations are believed to have certain healing properties.

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How to Use Crystals for Pregnancy?

If you are new to using crystals for their healing properties you might not even know where to start!

You can find healing gemstones either in raw, cut, or tumbled form. They may simply look like a rock or gem or may be incorporated into jewelry.

In any form your stone will have the same effects. The vibration of each mineral is not altered when we cut or polish it.

You can use your pregnancy crystals in these ways:

  • Wear them as jewelry (necklaces, rings, bracelets etc!)
  • Set them around your room (next to your bed maybe?)
  • Keep them in your purse (Give them a rub or hold if you feel the urge.)


How to Cleanse Your Pregnancy Crystals.

Since crystals work by balancing and redirecting energy, they may absorb some of the negative energy they are cleansing away.

Imagine how many places your stones have been and energies they have encountered on their route to you!

So it is a good idea to cleanse your crystals when you get them and periodically thereafter. (Think monthly. Since moonlight is a great way to cleanse and recharge your crystals, it’s an easy reminder.)

But don’t worry, cleansing your crystals of negative energies they may be harboring and returning them to their original vibrational state is really simple.

How to cleanse your crystals: (source)

  1. Place your gemstones under running water for 1 minute per stone.
  2. Submerge in salt water for 2 days. (Ocean water is great! Or you can make your own by adding 1 tbsp of sea salt to a bowl of water.)
  3. Bury in a bowl of brown rice for 24 hours.
  4. Place your stones outside before sunset and retrieve before 11am the next day. (The indirect sunlight and moonlight will both cleanse and charge your stones.)
  5. Sage smudging can be used by passing your crystal through the smoke for approximately 30-60 seconds per crystal.
  6. Use a large cleansing stone like quartz, selenite, or amethyst geodes and place your smaller stone on them for 24 hours to rid it on negative energies.

**Keep in mind not all crystals can be placed in water. Only hard stones like quartz should be cleansed in this manner. Softer gemstones will degrade in water.


The Best Crystals for Pregnancy

Amethyst for Pregnancy


This gorgeous purple stone is one of those amazing all-encompassing crystals that is known to be good for SO many things! Because of that, amethyst is known to be super beneficial during pregnancy and will be found on every list of gemstones for pregnancy that you will find!

Amethyst helps to release tension and both emotional and physical pains.

It is a crown chakra crystal which can aid in relieving headaches. It may even help to balance out your mood swings.

This beautiful purple gemstone is a protective stone for both mother and the growing baby.


Aquamarine to Help During Pregnancy

Aquamarine is masterful at aiding a myriad of pregnancy symptoms. This crystal is believed to help headaches and insomnia, overall pain relief, and fatigue.

It is a protective stone that is even believed to help prevent miscarriage.


Black Tourmaline for Your Gestation

Black tourmaline is best known for removing negative energies, which makes it highly beneficial at protecting mother and baby.

In addition, this gemstone can provide mental clarity. Which as a mom of 3, I know is ridiculously important to find more of during your gestation.


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Carnelian Helps During Pregnancy

Carnelian is a sacral chakra stone so it is connected to healing your reproductive organs. 

Because of it’s direct link to strengthening and healing your reproductive system, carnelian can be beneficial from conception throughout pregnancy and even into the postpartum period.


Crysocolla for Pregnancy

Chrysocolla emits energies of strength and peace. Having this stone can soothe you throughout your pregnancy and also is beneficial during labor.


Garnet Has Prenatal Benefits

Garnet is specifically used to aid in prevention of miscarriage.


Green Adventurine While Pregnant

Green Adventurine is another fertility stone that is beneficial through all stages of pregnancy.

Green adventurine is said to enhance energy especially in times of stress and discomfort. That speaks to pregnancy symptoms entirely!

It can also help to strengthen bonds by opening the heart chakra. Helping to build strong bonds between mom and dad and also between mom and baby.



Hematite is best known for being connected to a healthy blood flow.

Pregnancy leg cramps anyone? Hematite can help to ease those pains by enhancing the circulatory system.


Lapis Lazuli While Pregnant

Lapis lazuli is known as “the pregnancy crystal” because it is beneficial for lessening all of the physical stresses caused by pregnancy. 

It has been used for pregnancy since ancient Egyptian history to reduce emotional, physical, and mental stress during your gestation. This is one pregnancy crystal that you definitely will want in your arsenal.



Malachite is the stone that I made reference to earlier, known as “the midwives stone.” While malachite’s properties really shine as a labor and delivery crystal, it holds some strong benefits throughout your pregnancy too.

Malachite is a protective stone for both mother and baby. Helping to keep negative energies at bay.

It also helps you to move beyond past traumas and negative emotions.




Moonstone is another VERY common crystal used for pregnancy. It is used for fertility, conception, through pregnancy, and during childbirth.

This versatile stone helps to balance the hormonal system, so it’s no wonder it can be beneficial through every stage of pregnancy. Aiding by balancing the female hormones.

Feeling bloated? Moonstone can help with fluid retention as well!

Having trouble sleeping? Yet another benefit of moonstone for a pregnant mama is that is can help to cure insomnia!


Orange Calcite

Orange calcite helps to clear a pregnant mom-to-be’s mind of anxiety, fear, and stress.

It may even be beneficial in healing the reproductive system.


Red Jasper

Red jasper has been used as a crystal to support pregnancy for thousands of years.

It holds many benefits to both mother and baby and is said to help grow a strong baby, ease pain, and even help nutritional deficiencies.

This stone is most effective when placed in contact with the skin.

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Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a very common crystal used for pregnancy. Every pre-made pregnancy jewelry piece you find will have some rose quartz on it.

Rose quartz is used for fertility, conception, pregnancy, and childbirth. 

Deemed the “crystal of love” it should be of no surprise that rose quartz helps a mother and child bond, feel more love, and feel less stress.

Rose quartz is the gemstone of love.




Ruby is another “fertility stone” as it is a root chakra stone. Meaning it is tied directly to benefiting the reproductive organs.

Ruby is said to increase fertility and aid in conception.

Then during pregnancy ruby crystals help promote healthy growth of the baby.


Tigers Eye

Tiger’s eye naturally comes in a variety of colors. The golden (most common) and naturally blue tiger’s eye gemstones are believed to help balance the energy of the reproductive organs. This is beneficial for fertility, through conception, and through pregnancy.

Tiger’s eye emits calming and positive energies, aids in decisiveness, and eases anxiety.



Unakite is insanely beneficial for both pregnancy and childbirth. Many midwives won’t deliver a baby without unakite in the room.

During pregnancy, unakite helps to promote the health of both mom and growing baby.

In addition, it is said that unakite helps the skin become more elastic. When combined with a great belly butter, you can help keep those stretch marks at bay.

Learn how unakite benefits you during labor and delivery.


White Agate

Is it any surprise that this beautiful white gemstone is believed to set up a healthy milk flow?

In addition to aiding in building up your milk supply, white agate is another protective stone for both mother and baby.

White agate can even be beneficial in warding off morning sickness!


Wrapping Up the Best Crystals for Pregnancy

You don;t have to buy every single gemstone on this list to benefit your pregnancy. Unless of course you feel compelled to.

It is often said that you are drawn to the crystals you most need.

Find the ones with the benefits you most need and those that “call to you” and pick up some nice gemstone jewelry or some beautiful tumbled stones to keep nearby during your pregnancy.

Which gemstones are you going to pick up for sure? Are you planning on wearing them as jewelry or placing them on your nightstand?

I’d love to know your plans in the comments below!



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The Best Crystals and Gemstones for Pregnancy


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