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5 Ways to Have a Healthy Pregnancy

How to Have a Healthy Pregnancy

When you are growing an entirely new human being inside you, it is important to know how to have a healthy pregnancy.

Your baby’s health, growth, genetic expression, and more depend directly on your health and your choices during your 40ish weeks of pregnancy.

Using the five tips on this page, you are well on your way to having a more healthy pregnancy and a more healthy baby.

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how to have a healthy pregnancy

Where to Start with Pregnancy Health

First, congratulations on your pregnancy! It is a beautiful, exhausting, wonderful, and tough journey. (I’ve been through it three times!)

Your head may be swirling with questions. Especially if this is your first pregnancy but even if it’s your third. I was on google and Pinterest so much even with my third pregnancy!

What we are learning about pregnancy health is always changing as science progresses. Plus, awesome pregnancy hacks that we are learning are always being updated!

What’s wonderful is that now in 2020 there are so many wonderful resources available and information out there!

One aspect of pregnancy that I feel there should be FAR more information on is how to have a healthy pregnancy.

So much so that I went and got certified in Pregnancy Nutrition and Lifestyle and then proceeded to create a prenatal nutrition and fitness course for moms to be that answer ALL the questions.

Because there are no books or courses or even your doctor really address much other than old information about pregnancy health.

You know: don’t eat fish, don’t drink alcohol, avoid caffiene, don’t smoke,don’t eat lunch meat, those very generic tips.

But pregnancy nutrition and health has been heavily studied in recent years and we now know SO MUCH MORE than what you will be told by your doctors. All mamas-to-be deserve to know how to grow the healthiest baby possible! And so the Perfect Pregnancy Plan was born.

5 Tips to Have a Healthy Pregnancy

1. Exercise Regularly

There was once a day when women were not encouraged to work out during their gestation. Those days are FAR from gone as we now know that under normal and healthy pregnancy circumstances exercising while pregnant is hugely beneficial to both the mother and the baby!

If you were working out prior to becoming pregnant you are most likely ok to keep right on going the same way at least for the first trimester. After that, additional modifications need to be made.

Long story short:

  • Exercise during pregnancy helps you be more comfortable
  • helps you gain the right amount of pregnancy weight
  • helps enhance your baby’s genetics
  • and a whole lot more.

Learn all about how to exercise safely during pregnancy and the huge benefits for mom and child.

**Always get clearance from your trusted physician or midwife prior to beginning a prenatal exercise regime.**

The Perfect Pregnancy Fitness Plan has a full 40 week workout plan focused on perfectly strengthening your body for the most comfortable pregnancy possible from your pelvic floor, to your back, to everything you need throughout your entire gestation designed by a personal fitness trainer!

2. Take Your Prenatal

Even with the best eating intentions, a completely whole food diet, and paying attention to every calorie you consume, you will still have nutritional gaps.

The nutritional needs during pregnancy for optimal fetal growth and development are enormous.

So much so that in addition to eating a whole food diet rich in the exact nutrients baby needs (which you can learn the amounts and how to source them along with tons of great recipes in the Perfect Pregnancy Nutrition Plan) it is recommended that you take a high quality naturally sourced prenatal vitamin like Essential Prenatals.

It is recommended to start taking a prenatal vitamin a month prior to conception if possible and continue taking it all the way through your breastfeeding journey.

During pregnancy it is really important to get in all the nutrients that baby needs but it is a really tough time to do so.

Between morning sickness, carvings, aversions, and an ever shrinking stomach, getting enough nutrition can be tough because baby’s requirements are so high. Supplementing is ideal.

3. Eat Nutrient Dense Foods

One of the most important factors to remaining healthy during pregnancy, growing a healthy baby, and gaining the right amount of pregnancy weight: is your diet.

What you eat while you’re pregnant directly effects the genetic makeup of your child. We’ve learned that through the study of epigenetics and pregnancy.

It’s vital to learn what nutrients you need, how to source them, and how to prepare them so that you can absorb more nutrients! The Perfect Pregnancy Plan goes through all of that! Step by step with printables to help you remember it all!

Filling the gaps with a prenatal is important, but getting as much nutrient dense food as possible is too!

Nutrient dense means that for the amount of vitamins and minerals in a certain food, it is relatively low in calories. Learn the top 5 foods to eat daily while pregnant to get started on the right foot!

4. Drink Your Health

We often don’t think about what we drink as much as we think about what we eat. But paying attention to the caloric, sugar, and nutritional content of your drinks is imperative! Especially during pregnancy, when every calorie and every nutrient counts!

Be sure you are making healthy drink choices. Try to avoid sugary drinks, or course alcoholic drinks, and too much caffeine (200 mg a day is seen as fine, so a morning cup of joe or some chocolate should be a-ok).

There are lots of healthy drink choices for pregnancy besides water. Which gets a bit monotonous with how much liquid is required during pregnancy and sometimes doesn’t even taste good during bouts of nausea.

You also should know what not to drink for a healthy pregnancy.

5. Pick up the Perfect Pregnancy Plan

There’s not much better you can do than get to know all that you can about prenatal nutrition and fitness to have a more healthy pregnancy.

Dozens and decades of scientific studies have been researched and all the information compiled into an easy to understand and easy to implement format for you mama, and it’s called the PPP.

This bundle is as extensive as a book and comes with EVERYTHING you need, Tons of printables to make remembering it all easier (baby brain is sooo real!), videos, and more.

Everything is laid out for you!

Books like what to expect are great, but nothing goes as in depth into how to have a healthy pregnancy to do your best to directly grow a healthy baby as the Perfect Pregnancy Plan.

Wrapping Up How to Have a Healthy Pregnancy

With the right tools, tricks, foods, workouts, and supplements having a healthy pregnancy is possible!

Making healthy choices during your pregnancy directly effects your baby, but it is also super beneficial to you!

Your body is going to grow, change, and stretch regardless of what you do. By fueling it with nutrient dense food and strengthening your muscles you will gain less pregnancy weight, have more energy, and overall feel a whole lot better throughout your gestation!

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