The Best Quarantine Pregnancy Announcements

Hilarious Pregnancy Announcements for Quarantine

Being stuck in a global pandemic brings an entire new ray of creative and unique quarantine pregnancy announcements to the table.

There’s a good chance there won’t even be another pandemic in your lifetime, so why not grab the bull by the horns and seize this unique opportunity to announce your pregnancy in a creative quarantine specific way?

the best quarantine pregnancy announcements

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Why Do a Quarantine Pregnancy Announcement?

C’mon! When will you ever have the chance to announce a pandemic baby again? 

Probably never!

So take this opportunity, turn saddness into smiles and shine some light in the darkness.

2020 has been hard on most of us. Many have lost their jobs, our children can’t go out to school, we are all isolated with our family units. All the stress of this year and it’s calamities has been a huge mental burden on many.

You have the chance to bring a ray of sunshine and a smile out of this pandemic with a cute quarantine baby announcement. 

When else will you be able to take a cute photo making jokes about social distancing, testing positive, or littered with empty toilet paper rolls?

If you are looking for the perfect idea for YOUR quarantine baby announcement look no further! 

Get out the letterboards, pick up the perfect pandemic baby onesie, and set the scene for the perfect at home photo shoot!


The Best Quarantine Baby Announcement Ideas

Some of these are some absolutely adorable shots that I found real families have captured on Instagram and featured with their permission.

Other announcements featured are actually available through purchase personalized for your pregnancy through etsy shops! (No commissions for me there, just some super cute announcements for you and helping out small businesses for me.)

  1. Quarantine Wasn’t So Boring

quarantine pregnancy announcement

Everyone complains about boredom in 2020. Cancelled events, not being able to socialize. Binge watching Netflix and the like.

But it doesn’t have to be boring. There are tons of activities to do with your family, tons of activities to do outdoors, and some awfully fun ones to do indoors too.

Prove that you’re keeping 2020 fun with this quarantine pregnancy announcement.



2. Quarantine and Chill

quarantine and chill baby announcement

Stay home and stay safe in 2020 right?

Learn to relax, enjoy, appreciate during this pandemic.

But relaxing and recharging can be far from boring. In fact with a pregnancy announcement like this, you can prove that quarantine can be quite eventful!


3. Mom and Dad Didn’t Stay 6 Feet Apart

quarantine pregnancy announcement

Quarantine pregnancy announcement from @Kinder_Kollection

Ok this kid is just so darn cute she reminds me of Shirley Temple. Whom I adore!

If this isn’t your first baby, use your kids and a letter board to announce the big news!


4. They Did Not Practice Social Distancing

social distancing quarantine pregnancy announcement

They Did Not Practice Social Distancing from @Anzeki

That’s right, all jokes are game for your quarantine pregnancy announcement.

Social distancing? 6 feet apart? Being major rule breakers?

Let your baby announce how their household just couldn’t keep their hands off each other!


5. Stocked Up on the Wrong Protection

Stocked Up on the Wrong Protection quarantine pregnancy announcement

Quarantine pregnancy announcement from @saunders_mimz

Ah the protection jokes! Sure we had the much coveted toilet paper, disinfectant, hand sanitizer, and wipes… but did mom and dad pick up the RIGHT kind of protection?

I think not when you reveal this quarantine baby announcement.




6. Quarantine Pregnancy Announcement

pregnancy baby announcement for social disctancing

Quarantine baby announcement from @_silvathomas

There are so many creative things to add into the background of your quarantine pregnancy announcements!

Of course there is the obligatory letterboard, but beyond that you can add in:

  • empty toilet paper rolls
  • masks
  • Lysol
  • hand sanitizer
  • an ultrasound image
  • a onesie (bonus points if it’s about the pandemic)
  • baby shoes
  • a teddy bear 
  • a positive pregnancy test
  • etc.



7. Quarantine Wasn’t Boring

the best quarantine pregnancy announcements

Here’s one of those adorable quarantine baby announcements that you can actually purchase for yourself! (Most of the ones with clickable titles in this roundup are.)

This image has got it all… half of the list of ideas that we listed on number 6 for items to include in your quarantine photo are right here in this single shot.


8. I Tested Positive

I tested positive pregnancy announcement for pandem

I love this one. Perhaps because it is slightly deceptive but in a coy way that will definitely peak people’s interest in 2020.

It’s all around us.

I’ve heard it within my own family. Who had to get tested, who tested positive. It hits home for me, and I know I’m not the only one.





9. Mom and Dad Social Distancing Baby Announcement

mom and dad did not practice social distancing baby announcement

Social Distancing Pregnancy Announcement from @uniquecxj

Can I be the one to say that the face captured on this baby is priceless?

When you couple that with the cute older brother protecting with a mask and the essential and precious commodities they chose for this image (People can still get Clorox wipes?!) this pandemic pregnancy announcement is a slam dunk!


10. Six Feet Apart Baby Announcement

Six Feet Apart Quarantine Announcement from @courtymclean

Once again if you already have kids, absolutely use them to announce this new pandemic pregnancy!

It doesn’t have to be complicated to make a phenomenally memorable quarantine pregnancy announcement.

I’m sure this adorable shot with only a letterboard and some super cute kids will be remembered forever.




11. Well Played Quarantine

well played quarantine pregnancy announcement

The jokes on you pregnant couple.

So life threw you and your spouse into a ton of time at home, alone. No running around, no work outside the house, maybe little errands or maybe all delivery… just lots and lots of time at home.

Hmmm… wonder how THAT’S going to end up?!


12. Social Distancing Fail

social distancing fail pregnancy announcement

Stay six feet apart they say. Socially distance they say.

Sure, that’s not applicable to your family unit, but it sure is fun to make jokes about it anyways!



13. Christmas Pregnancy Announcement

christmas quarantine baby announcement

Lastly, it’s almost Christmas… and sure, one day I’ll have to swap this image out with something that is once again relevant because our pandemic Christmas will pass.

But for now?

If you can combine three really awesome things like Christmas, a pregnancy announcement, and a pandemic (ok so pandemic is so not awesome, but the creative pregnancy announcement ideas it bestows upon you are!) then do it!


Wrapping Up the Best Quarantine Pregnancy Announcements

I absolutely want to see your quarantine pregnancy announcements!

Did you pick one from the list? Buy one? Recreate one? Or go rouge and creative?

If you create and share a really awesome quarantine pregnancy announcement after checking out this post PLEASE put a link in the comments or reach out through email at 

If you want I may even be able to feature you on this post!


Pandemic Baby Announcements for 2020

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