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The Perfect Pregnancy Plan Reviews and Testimonials

The Perfect Pregnancy Plan Prenatal Nutrition and Fitness Courses

The Perfect Pregnancy Plan is a brand new prenatal nutrition and fitness program on the market. It is absolutely revolutionary. 

Not many moms or mom-to-be know that within their hands during pregnancy lies the power to change their child’s propensity toward contracting diabetes, heart disease, ADHD, metabolic disorders, and more throughout their entire lives.

But it’s true.


The Perfect Pregnancy Nutrition Plan

The most recent epigenetic studies have been assessed and all the most applicable information has been compiled for pregnant moms in an easy to use, down-to-earth format. And it’s called The Perfect Pregnancy Plan.

These two courses are so pivotal that every doctor that hands a woman a positive pregnancy test, should also be giving her a copy of the Perfect Pregnancy Plan Nutrition and Fitness Courses.

Imagine the positive effects that could be had on the next generation if every mother new how to eat and workout to turn off bad genes and turn on the good ones? It would be life altering.

Books like What to Expect When You’re Expecting are great books about prenatal lifestyle. In fact I read it for my first and second pregnancies! But the Perfect Pregnancy Plan goes so far beyond anything you would read there or anywhere else.

You learn about lifestyle changes, exactly which micronutrients baby needs and why, how to do your best to influence your baby’s genetics while in utero by your own diet and exercise, and so much more.

In addition to a book worth of information, there are amazing printables and step by step guides to get you started on eating in a way that can positively affect your baby’s genetic makeup. Oh and did I mention over 80 delicious recipes?

But The Perfect Pregnancy Plan is not just a book, it is a comprehensive guide to applying a whole food healthy diet that has the power to change your baby’s genetic programming.

And that is just the Perfect Pregnancy Nutrition Plan.


The Perfect Pregnancy Fitness Plan

A second course meant to work in conjunction with the first is the Perfect Pregnancy Fitness Plan. 

It has now been proven that a mother exercising regularly during her gestation can influence her child’s genetic programming by increasing their heart health through adulthood, increasing their cognitive function at least through their childhood, lowering their risk of ever contracting diabetes, and lowering their propensity toward metabolic disorders.

Because of the direct link to positive genetic outcome and not only nutrition but also exercise, it is only natural that the Perfect Pregnancy Nutrition Plan had to be supplemented by a fitness plan as well.

How fortunate that the creator already happened to be a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer when she became certified in Nutrition and Lifestyle in Pregnancy and felt compelled to create this course to share her new knowledge with every mom-to-be.

Just like the nutrition plan, the fitness plan goes far beyond how to have a healthy and fit pregnancy.

It includes over 20 specially crafted workouts designed for a mother-to-be’s ever changing needs during pregnancy.

Yes, following the fitness plan will help you to have a strong, fit, healthy, bump-only pregnancy. But it is also designed to teach you physical therapy workouts to utilize from the beginning of pregnancy to strengthen your pelvic floor and core before they are strained from your growing weight and abdomen.

The workouts address strengthening your back and shoulders prior to them becoming strained by pregnancy, helps to prevent or minimize diastasis recti, has workouts that specifically strengthen your body for various labor positions, and even addresses how to strengthen your arms and back before baby comes to lessen head, neck, and backaches common in new motherhood from constant breastfeeding and diaper changing.

Just like the Perfect Pregnancy Nutrition Plan, the Perfect Pregnancy Fitness Plan is revolutionary.

But instead of being built primarily for baby’s health with the awesome side effect or maternal health as well as the nutrition course is, the fitness course is designed the opposite way. Specifically meeting all of a pregnant mother’s physical needs, and benefiting the baby’s genetic makeup as a life-altering side effect.

the perfect pregnancy plan prenatal nutrition and fitness

What Real Moms Have to Say

But don’t just take my word for it. Many women have now gone through the Perfect Pregnancy Plan and have amazing things to say!

Not to mention it has received rave reviews from many doctors already! 


nora to be mom“Wow! I’m blown away! I would have wanted a course like this when I got pregnant the first time.

This new program is worthy of the name “The Perfect Pregnancy Plan”!

 What makes it so great is, that you can find a vast selection of recipes here, and thanks to the amazing cheat sheets, you’ve got all the necessary information at hand!

  •         What can you eat, and what not?
  •         Which types of food are suitable for different purposes during pregnancy?
  •         Which food supplements are ideal during pregnancy?
  •         And much more!

In addition to the numerous recipes that are so essential for moms-to-be, you are going to find detailed expert information on the topic “how nutrition can affect the health, well-being, development, and long-term predispositions of the child”. A brilliant guide!

I can’t wait to get my hands on the second part, which is dedicated to “exercise during pregnancy.”

“The Perfect Pregnancy Plan” is, in my opinion, the step in the right direction! This course helps to become an energetic and satisfied mom. Besides, the altered movement and eating behavior during pregnancy has a positive effect on the mother’s health and the growing baby!

Thank you very much for designing this impressive course!

 Nora – Your Consultant for Baby & Maternity Products at To Be Mom


milica of mind body and spirit wellbeing“This pregnancy program is truly a godsend! For years I have been looking for this information logically  organized and systemized all in one place! I have been avoiding making the decision to get pregnant because of all the chaos in my head from the vast amount of contradicting info about pregnancy! Now I finally found everything I need in one place organized and most of all – tried and tested by a devoted mom!

This is exactly what I needed – first-hand experience instead of theories and hypotheses. You will learn everything from proper nutrition before and during pregnancy, suitable exercises for each trimester (this is a commonly underestimated part by most obstetricians), easy and healthy recipes and essential supplements to start nourishing your baby right from the very start, and nifty printables to make your life even easier – you know, because the pregnant momma’s brain is all over the place!

Revolutionize your pregnancy with Allie’s PPProgram and you will see that this cornerstone event in your life will become much smoother than you expected!”

 – Milica Vladova – Author and Owner of Mind Body and Spirit Wellbeing


danielle piece of cake parentingThis course is perfect for moms-to-be who want in depth, honest information about food and nutrition during pregnancy without feeling overwhelmed with too much data.

It does such a great job tackling myths and explaining exactly what each vitamin and mineral does to help your baby as well as the actual effects certain foods have on your baby’s development. I learned so much for the micronutrients lesson and love the printout I can add to my fridge as reminders throughout my pregnancy. I also loved the other handouts and cheat sheets with quick reminders on the most important topics to make it really easy to remember and actually implement day-to-day.

Finally, the recipes are great and definitely help to show how I can use this information and cook recipes that are great for baby and me AND taste great! I can’t wait to try them all out. I definitely recommend this course to anyone looking for amazing nutrition information during their pregnancy.”

– Danielle at Piece of Cake Parenting


“The Perfect Pregnancy Plan is something I highly recommend as a physical therapist to all women who are pregnant and looking to live a healthy life not only for your own benefit but for the benefit of your baby as well. Nutrition and fitness are so important during pregnancy, and Allie explains this in great detail. Her fitness program includes all the exercises that are most important for pregnancy, especially those exercises for your core and your pelvic floor muscles. Plus, the program has all the exercises organized by each trimester. It’s so easy to follow and takes the stress out of trying to figure out what exercises are safe and not safe to do while pregnant.”

– Dr. Jena Bradley, DPT of Live Core Strong


jaydee vykoukal from mom blog life reviews the perfect pregnancy plan“Pregnancy health information is often confusing and contradicting. What you eat and how you move during pregnancy is so important for feeling your best and the health of your growing baby.

As a mom and Doctor of physical therapy, it was so refreshing to find a program that helps moms finally get it. The Perfect Pregnancy Plan has all the tools you need to feel in control of your health. No more wondering what you should eat or what exercises are best! I can’t recommend this program enough. Thanks so much Allie!”

-Dr. JayDee Vykoukal DPT from Mom Blog Life 


samantha radford evidence based mommy“The Perfect Pregnancy Plan has fantastic info for nutrition before and during pregnancy. I love how Allie really breaks down EXACTLY what your baby needs and which foods provide those nutrients. This course is cutting-edge, letting you know how to set your baby up for life-long health. ​”

– Samantha Radford, PhD. Evidence Based Mommy



Karissa at fit mommy strongThe Perfect Pregnancy Plan doesn’t disappoint! As a mama who just gave birth 3 weeks ago, I only wish this plan had been available back when I was pregnant! From the very first page, Allie goes into great detail about the importance of pregnancy fitness AND nutrition as a whole while thoroughly explaining what you can expect to get out of this course (and don’t worry, it’s a TON of valuable information)!

I think my personal favorite part about this plan is that it is backed with tons of scientific findings and information! Allie gives examples and shows how you can apply using the information on this guide on a day to day basis and includes lots of yummy recipes to whip up as well! This is a great guide worth getting for all you pregnant or soon to be pregnant mamas!”

Karissa from Fit Mommy Strong



nora mama of five the ppp review“Finally, a course that actually breaks down pregnancy nutrition and fitness! 

I am a mom of 5 kids and I totally understand the frustration of being sent away from the doctor’s office with a list of allowed and not allowed foods. Feeling lost not knowing which prenatal to choose or which cheese I could eat. 

Allie has made this course for moms who struggled like me to make the right choices while pregnant. Allie is a certified in Nutrition and Lifestyle in Pregnancy so you can rest assured the information is correct and up to date. 

This course is a wealth of knowledge to any pregnant mom to be or even those moms trying to get pregnant. Allie breaks down pregnancy nutrition in an easy to digest way.

The PPP course is by far the best pregnancy nutrition and fitness course I have come across. Super easy to understand, printables to keep you on track, and recipes to make your Pregnancy so much easier.”

– Nora at Mama of Five 



clara petite capsule“I love the detail included in the Perfect Pregnancy Plan. The Plan is jammed packed with information about pregnancy nutrition. It includes specific pregnancy nutritional advice on supplements, micronutrients, and macronutrients, as well as lots of recipes. A number of printables are also provided. My favourite is the Best Nutrient Sources Cheat Sheet.”

– Clara from Petite Capsule



jo harris the virtual mama ppp review“If you’re looking for a deep dive into prenatal nutrition, this is it! Allie provides such great value with her course. She offers a great foundation on not only nutrition, but environmental factors as well that affect our baby’s health in the womb.

– Jo HarrisThe Virtual Mama


alexandrea coffee and coos testimonial“The Perfect Pregnancy Plan is a wonderful guide for staying healthy throughout pregnancy.  The bundle covers both nutrition and fitness and leaves no questions unanswered.  When I got pregnant, I was working out on a regular basis and eating (fairly) healthy.  What I should be eating and how I should change my workout routine was something I thought about right away.  There is so much information out there that it can be confusing and overwhelming.  The Perfect Pregnancy Plan has everything you need to know in one easy place, is easy to follow, and truly helps you have a happy and healthy pregnancy.  I highly recommend it to any expecting mom!”
– Alexandra Mullins, Mom of Two www.coffeeandcoos.com

pranali patel the perfect pregnancy plan review“The Perfect Pregnancy Plan is an information packed guide on prenatal nutrition before and during pregnancy. Allie has covered EXACTLY what nutrients you and your baby need and where to get them from. The course covers supplements, micronutrient, and macronutrient requirements during pregnancy for the healthy growth of the baby.

My favorite part of this program is the tons of nutrients-dense recipes that you can incorporate into your daily diet to get the required recommended dose of nutrients during pregnancy. I recommend this course to soon-to-be pregnant and pregnant mamas wanting to invest in healthy pregnancy + a healthy baby.”

-Pranali Patel, M.Sc from Emipirical Mama


makenna the perfect pregnancy nutrition and fitness plans reviewIf you’re looking for an in-depth course that’s jammed packed with useful and up-to-date information on fitness and nutrition during pregnancy, then this is it!  These courses go hand-in-hand to help pregnant women stay fit and healthy during those 40 weeks.  I remember being pregnant and getting those vague answers from blogs and doctors and just felt lost about it all.  But the Perfect Pregnancy Plan Fitness and Nutrition courses answered all my questions and more!  I love how it provides specially designed workouts for each trimester and gives delicious and nutritious recipes that benefit both mom and baby.  This is definitely something that I wish I had when I was pregnant!

-MaKenna Carnes from MamaKenna



the perfect pregnancy diet plan for prenatal nutrition and prenatal exercise

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    1. Thank you so much! I ‘m glad they found the value and are excited to recommend it to their friends and families!