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How did The Perfect Pregnancy Plan come to be?

While attempting to increase her knowledge, credibility, and add to her list of certifications, one mom blogger took a university course at Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich and became certified in Nutrition and Lifestyle In Pregnancy.

Through her studies, she was astounded to find huge gaps in what pregnancy nutritional and exercise guidelines are in America, and what modern scientific studies on the needs of a pregnant mother, her growing fetus, and epigenetics have discovered.

Not only are many mothers not given the nutritional advice that they deserve to be aware of, but a lot of the generic nutritional pregnancy advice given by doctors in America is now proven to be incorrect or extremely lacking.

allie edwards nutrition for pregnancy

She also learned quite a bit about pregnancy nutritions’ involvement in epigenetics. That what nutrients you provide to your growing baby, and at which stages of pregnancy, can actually turn on or off some of your babies developing genes. Directly effecting their morbidity and mortality!

She was shocked and continued her research into the field of pregnancy nutrition far beyond that course.

In her opinion:

  • Every mother deserves to be aware of how important her nutrition during pregnancy truly is!
  • Every mother to be has the right to know which vitamins and minerals are absolutely vital to consume enough of to give her baby the best chance at a long healthy life.
  • Each mom should know how to best alter her diet and exercise needs to possibly give their baby a healthier, more fit, and longer lifespan.

the perfect pregnancy plan nutrition

Every mother wants to do the best she can for her baby.

Women readily alter their habits when they know that it is in the best interest of their baby. How could you not?

The Perfect Pregnancy Plan will go far beyond:

  • stop smoking
  • stop drinking
  • don’t eat soft cheese
  • avoid fish
  • take a prenatal

Through creating a new blog and product (coming fall 2019) this company aims to close the gap in traditional old fashioned pregnancy nutrition advice, and share the new guidelines and the newly discovered vital importance a mothers’ nutrition plays in her babies’ morbidity and mortality in a down-to-earth and easy to understand way. And even better, easy to implement as well.

The Perfect Pregnancy Plan is an epic product that is still in the creation phase until fall 2019.

Striving to teach optimal nutrition and exercise for pregnancy through unfortunately little known science driven facts.


Get to Know the Mama Blogger Behind The PPP

allie edwards the perfect pregnancy plan

Hi I’m Allie Edwards! I’m a work-at-home mama to three beautiful little ladies and wife to the best! I am a Personal Fitness Trainer specializing in postpartum fitness who is also certified in Nutrition and Lifestyle in Pregnancy, as well as being Certified in Child Nutrition and Cooking.

You guessed it. My passions are nutrition, fitness, and mom life! I love sharing the things I’ve learned and the things I’ve experienced on my blogs to help other mamas out.

I run another blog, maybe you’ve seen me at Vigor it Out, blogging about mastering motherhood through nutrition, health, and fitness.

I started this blog after getting my certification in Nutrition and Lifestyle in Pregnancy. I realized that there is so much new information or detailed information that many moms are lacking. It’s comepletely not their fault! They aren’t given the information by their healthcare providers. At least not with all the details.

But I feel you mamas want the details.

You want the healthy recipes you need in your pregnancy.

You want to know what minerals you MUST get from food and which MUST get other ways to grow the healthiest baby.

You want to know exactly how to exercise during pregnancy and how it can effect your childs own weight their entire life!

And you deserve the details.

While I work on creating The Perfect Pregnancy Plan program, I will be filling this website with the information pregnant mamas crave when attempting to have a healthy pregnancy.


**UPDATE** You can now get the Perfect Pregnancy Plan nutrition + fitness courses here!