the best lunch ideas for pregnant women

Pregnancy Lunch Ideas for Work

Work Lunch Ideas for Pregnancy

What you eat while your are pregnant has a huge impact on the growth and development of your child. With these nutrient dense pregnancy lunch ideas for work, you will have delicious and nutritious lunch ideas for the whole week!


Why is Pregnancy Nutrition So Important?

We now know through the study of epigenetics during pregnancy that what you eat while pregnant has the power to change the way your growing baby’s genes are expressed.

Basically meaning you have the power to “turn on” good genes and “turn off” bad genes based upon your prenatal diet. 

Pretty amazing huh?

So knowing the right foods to eat while pregnant isn’t just about having a bump only pregnancy, it is actually ridiculously important for your baby’s development!

So if you are interested in knowing absolutely everything you could possibly want to know about optimal prenatal nutrition, check out the Perfect Pregnancy Plan now!


Why These Work Lunch Ideas for Pregnancy

When working while pregnant it is really important to pack a healthy lunch (in addition to lots of healthy snacks) Sure, picking up some fast food is most convenient while working, but even with healthier options like sandwiches and salads might have lots of extra hidden calories and for sure won’t be as nutrient dense as what you make at home.

You don’t need a bunch of extra calories when preggo… think about 300 extra calories a day on average. BUT you will need LOTS of extra nutrients (up to three times your prepregnancy requirement for some) and you’ll probably be super hungry too.

So this list of lunch ideas for work during pregnancy is based on nutrient dense meals that are also easy to batch create. It saves time and money. And when dealing with exhaustion during pregnancy, we all need that.

And don’t worry, these foods all have lots of ingredients listed in the Perfect Pregnancy Plan prenatal nutrition program. It’s such an awesome program because it not only explains what nutrients your baby needs and why, but it also tells you how much and even how to source those nutrients!

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The Best Pregnancy Lunch Ideas for Work

Taking care of the diet is during the whole pregnancy is very important. This is the time when you need the highest amounts of vitamins, iron and other nutrients for both yourself and your baby.

In this round up the healthiest but delicious recipes that are packed with nutrients and low carb, which will make your menu expand from plain boring to exciting. 


1. Salmon Salad: 

salmon salad lunch idea for work while pregnant

The recipe that we are referring to is seared salmon fillets with cucumber, feta cheese, tomato, olives, avocado, and red onion prepared by tossing it in a garlic and herb dressing. This is a very light meal that is not only delicious, but also vibrant and beautiful. 

Scared of fish while pregnant? Learn the top foods you need to eat to grow a healthy baby and you’ll be surprised!

You can find the complete recipe on this link: Salmon Salad


2. Nut Butter Overnight Oats: 

The best thing about this dish is that you don’t need to cook anything, and can whip it up quickly in a short amount of time.  It is so fast and easy. Line a whole row of your fridge with jars of these in only a few minutes! 

You can find the complete recipe on this link: Peanut Butter Overnight Oats


3. Sheet Pan Tilapia And Roasted Veggies: 

Roasted veggies taste delicious, and prepared that way they fill you with satisfaction. Not only that, this recipe is very easy to follow, and does not require you to slave away in your kitchen for long. Plus it’s amazing for batch prepping!

You can find the complete recipe on this link: Sheet Pan Baked Tilapia Recipe  


4. Pumpkin Spice Pregnancy Smoothie: 

healthy pumpkin spice pregnancy smoothie

Only solid food dishes are not enough. Liquids like high protein shakes and smoothies will also be a wonderful addition to your daily food intake and are highly recommended in The PPP nutrition plan.

You can also experiment yourself by mixing up different fruits and vegetables to make smoothie, but the recipe given below is an ideal option while pregnant. 

You can find the complete recipe on this link: Pumpkin Spice Pregnancy Smoothie



5. Cobb Salad: 

Another salad recipe that consists of bacon, chicken, tomatoes, avocado, hard boiled eggs, blue cheese, chives. The addition of simple red wine vinegar dressing will finish off this traditional dish with a fresh zing

You can find the complete recipe on this link: 



6. Lentil Soup: 

All you need are lentils and small a amount of bay leaves, and some spice extra flavorings with a dash of lemon to make this yummy dish!

You can find the complete recipe on this link: Lentil Soup



7. Low Carb Spinach Turkey Wrap: 

lunch ideas for pregnancy turkey wrap

A very simple dish that can be used for quick lunches or even breakfast at work. It’s perfect for when you are out of time, as it does not take that long to make. Just not the best for batch creating, it can get soggy, but perfect for this list of lunch ideas for pregnancy because it’s still fast and easy.

You can find the complete recipe on this link: Low Carb Spinach Turkey Wrap


Wrapping Up the Best Lunch Ideas for Pregnancy

It does not matter which phase of your life are going through, having delicious and heavy food can help you stay healthy and happy. This roundup of different recipes was done with the intention of helping soon to be mothers to plan a diet that will be enjoyable as well as a source of necessary nutrients for them. 

You’ve now got a full week of healthy recipe ideas for work! Which one is your favorite?


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