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Celery Juice During Pregnancy: Is it Safe?

Can I Drink Celery Juice During Pregnancy?

Have you ever asked yourself “Can I drink celery juice while pregnant?” If so, you’re not alone. Being pregnant means that there are certain foods that you need to be aware of that you can and can’t eat and drink. If you’re looking for answers on whether or not you can drink celery juice during pregnancy, this post will answer those questions and give you the tips and advice you need. 

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Can you drink celery juice during pregnancy? Learn if celery juice can be part of your prenatal diet plan. You can drink celery juice while pregnant. But what are the benefits to drinking celery juice during pregnancy? Is it even really safe to drink celery juice every day as is the current health trend while you are pregnant? Get all the answers about what to drink during pregnancy and if celery juice is a safe pregnancy drink option. #celeryjuic #pregnancydrinks #pregnantdrink #pregnancydiet


What is Celery Juice and Why Do You Drink it?

Drinking celery juice is actually a popular beverage of choice for many lately. It is so in vogue to drink celery juice first thing in the morning, that recently stores were completely sold out of celery! It’s been said to be a great addition to improve the health of your digestive tract as well as a natural laxative to help with other types of digestive issues. 

According to Healthline (as well as other reputable sources) that drinking celery juice daily has many impressive health benefits which include:

  1. That celery is nutritionally dense. Low in calories and sugars and high in nutrients.
  2. Celery juice is proven to have anti-inflammatory properties.
  3. It contains many antioxidants which are known to be beneficial to the skin.
  4. Celery juice is linked to diets shown to lower rates of chronic ailments such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and obesity.
  5. It is known to be especially good for the digestive tract.
  6. Eating celery regularly is known to lower blood pressure.

In addition to the many health benefits, those who are trying to cut calories while still drinking a delicious and healthy beverage often find that celery juice is refreshing and hits the spot. The added nutrients and health benefits tend to be just an additional perk. 


Is Celery Juice Safe While Pregnant?

There does seem to be mixed opinions on this. Many pregnant women have stated that they drank celery juice throughout their pregnancy and had no issues at all. However, if you’re asking if you can drink celery juice while pregnant, I would definitely read through this entire article as I divulge all the pros and potential cons of drinking celery juice during your gestation. Then you can truly decide whether or not drinking celery juice during pregnancy is right for you.

As with any type of cold-pressed juice, it’s not going through any type of filtration or pasteurization process to remove anything potentially harmful. This doesn’t mean celery juice should be a deal-breaker, but it is something to be aware of. 

Though not often talked about, you are much more likely to contract e. coli or salmonella from fresh fruits and vegetables than even eggs. Which is what we are all conditioned to think of when such diseases come to mind.

Unfortunately in a contaminated substance, E. coli and salmonella can only partially be washed off from produce. E. coli can cross the placenta and cause a lot of damage and salmonella may do some as well. That is not said to deter you from making fresh fruits and veggies a huge part of your prenatal diet plan (because you need to!) instead be sure you trust the source and always wash them thoroughly with a fruit and vegetable cleaner while pregnant.

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Celery is usually super high on the “dirty dozen.” The list of the 12 fruits and vegetables highest in pesticides. When you juice it those pesticides are all going right into your juice! Some can be washed off, but because of the nature of celery and how much water it sucks up inside it, there is probably a lot inside your typical store-bough celery as well.

That being said: in order for your celery juice to be safe for consumption during pregnancy it needs to be organic celery juice or juiced at home using organic celery. 




What are the Benefits of Celery Juice vs Celery

Adding celery juice to your daily routine can actually add a ton of health benefits! There’s a reason that this veggie is constantly used to eat raw and cooked up in other recipes, too!

In addition to being packed full of nutrients, celery juice can help to give digestive relief and has the potential to aid in numerous facets such as lowering cholesterol and improving heart health.

What Nutrients Are in Celery that are Beneficial During Pregnancy

Celery juice contains a lot of great nutrients and vitamins vital to growing a healthy baby. These include:

  • vitamin A
  • vitamin K
  • folate
  • potassium
  • vitamin C.

Your growing baby needs a good deal of naturally sourced vitamin A to support brain, heart, respiratory, and eye development.

Vitamin C is great for helping to keep the immune system strong (which is naturally weakened by pregnancy) and fighting off those seasonal viruses and colds. But for your baby, vitamin C helps to protect your it’s tissues from damage, helps build collagen, and helps create your baby’s neurotransmitters.

Folate is well-known for preventing neural tube defects. You may have heard it referred to as “folic acid.” Learn the difference between folate and folic acid and why it’s imperative you know the difference for your baby’s proper growth.


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How Can Celery Juice Benefit me While Pregnant?

Adding celery juice to your healthy routine can actually benefit you in a few different ways.

First and foremost, you’re doing what you can to ensure that your body is getting the nutrients and health benefits that you might need an extra boost in. Anything you can do to increase the nutritional density of your diet while pregnant you should consider adding in!

Secondly, it’s no secret that women deal with constipation issues quite frequently throughout their pregnancy. Being able to use celery juice as a natural laxative option when you’re limited on taking other pills during pregnancy is a great way to find relief using a healthy method. 

The Importance of Pregnancy Nutrition

One of the biggest things that you can do during your pregnancy is to pay attention to your body and its needs. Believe it or not, your body will talk to you and let you in on clues on what it’s craving and needing if you take the time to slow down and listen. Crazy, right?

The more that you can fill your body with healthy nutrients during your pregnancy, the easier your pregnancy is going to go. I’m a firm believer of this because I’ve actually gone to school to become certified in prenatal nutrition in addition to reading well beyond those classes dozens of scientific studies related to prenatal health.

This is also why I’m super passionate about the Perfect Pregnancy Plan. The most revolutionary prenatal diet plan in 2021. This plan actually has two parts to it. One focuses on fitness, and one focuses on nutrition. Both are geared towards helping you have the best pregnancy experience and healthiest baby possible.

The Perfect Pregnancy Plan Nutrition Program is an absolute game-changer. EVERYTHING that you need to know about all the most up to date findings on prenatal nutrition, you’ll find here.

And if you’re wondering how this diet plan was put together, it is based around the most recent studies of epigenetics during pregnancy. The studies that reveal everything we know about how what you eat and when during your gestation will directly effect the genetic makeup of your child.

Powerful stuff!

Not only that, but this nutrition plan breaks it all down in a super to easy use format that actually helps ALL moms help with their child’s genetic makeup and development. 

Being able to take control of your body to give your baby the best health outcome is a liberating and amazing experience. This allows you to take charge of your body, your nutrition, and also your peace of mind. 

Wish you knew what real moms and a bunch of doctors have to say about this prenatal nutrition and fitness plan?? Read their reviews of the Perfect Pregnancy Plan now!


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Wrapping Up If I Can Drink Celery Juice While Pregnant

Drinking celery juice during pregnancy is a good idea as long as you take the steps to make certain that you’re cleaning it and getting it prepped and ready properly to drink while pregnant. Remember that a small amount can go a long way and provide your body with simple daily nutrients that can help you have a better overall pregnancy and healthy outcome.

Celery juice can be a wonderful drink to add into your pregnancy nutrition plan. There are lots of other ideal drinks for pregnancy besides water as well.

Remember, having a solid grasp of prenatal nutrition by following a resource like The Perfect Pregnancy Plan can make having a healthy pregnancy and baby so much easier!


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Can I Drink Celery Juice During Pregnancy?


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