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Welcome PPP Affiliates

I am so excited that you have decided to jump on board with the Perfect Pregnancy Plan! I’m offering a generous 30% commission for you awesome ladies because you deserve it!

Affiliate sales takes your time and energy, creating and crafting the perfect promotional post, link placing, using your platform to share my product and help your audience while helping your pocketbook. Do people still say pocketbook?

Amazon’s got it wrong (no thank you 1% commissions!), you can make more money here selling a perfectly nitched product with a much heftier commission! 


What You Need to Know About the Affiliate Program

As a new member of the affiliate program I want you to know that once the introductory pricing is complete for the programs, they will retail for $37 dollars each for either the fitness or nutrition portion of the course. The bundle for both is on $59. Making you quite a pretty penny.

1. In addition to the commissions I want to run fun promos for you guys. For starters, anyone who makes 10+ sales in a single month will be sent a $10 Amazon gift card on top of their commissions. Anyone who reaches 20+ sales a month will get a $20 Amazon gift card on top of their commission.

2. A new $ back offer I have available for you guys is a referral bonus. If you refer another affiliate (blogger, midwife, doula, etc… all are welcome) have them mention your referral and if they are a good fit once they generate their first sale you get a $5 bonus. There is no limit to this offer. Refer as many as you’d like.

3. I also hold quarterly contests for $$ or gift cards. Things like link placement challenges, blog post challenges, etc. So always keep on the lookout for emails from me!

This is meant to be your resource page. Available specially for the PPP affiliate crew. Here you will find all your promotional resources: instagram graphics, facebook graphics, banners of all shapes and sizes, etc! Feel free to use them freely where you want with your affiliate link!

I will be adding in templates for emails and social media posts as well that you are welcome to use word for word or as I suggest, putting your own spin on them.


What You Need to Know About the PPP

As an affiliate you will automatically have access to both programs. I would love if you would read/look/watch through them as applicable but it’s not necessary that you read everything. I do however want you to be familiar with the product.

The better you know the product, the more you like the product, the more passionate you are about how much the product can help your audience… the better you can convert sales.

The PPP, especially the nutrition course is quite long, I know. So I highly suggest at least reading the Intro sections and micronutrients section and familiarizing yourself with the printables as selling points. If it applies to you by all means, read it all!

If after reading through the product you want to provide a testimonial in exchange for a do-follow link to your blog just email it to me at vigoritout@gmail.com.


Enjoy Your Resources!






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